Costume Ideas for Ladies . Halloween

October 13, 2011 separator Uncategorized

Dorothy via What I Wore
Halloween is fast approaching, and I still haven’t a clue what I’m going to wear. I’m hoping to get inspired whilst searching for inspiration for you guys. Ladies. Whatever. I have a challenge for this year, though: Think outside the box. This is your year to be something clever and creative, something you threw together yourself, possibly in the six minutes before leaving for the party. 
Our first theme in the series is classic pop culture icons, showcasing costumes for the ladies. Are there any guys that even read this sucker? Anybody? *echo, echo, echo*
Other classic ideas include: a Pan-Am flight attendant, Carmen Miranda, Marilyn in that dress, a go-go girl, somebody off Mad Men, or a flapper. 
Hamburglar via What I Wore
Tardis via Topless Robot
Mary Poppins via Keiko Lynn
Carmen San Diego via American Cosplay Paradise
Feel free to share links to your favorite diy Halloween costumes for ladies in the comments, and stay tuned for more ideas throughout October!!!


  1. Please remove the copyrighted image “Rosie the Riveter” you have incorrectly attributed to Miss Drea. I am the photographer who created the image and it is covered by international copyright law.

    Thank you,


  2. I absolutely love the Mary Poppins idea! Wish I found this before Halloween 🙁 Next year!

  3. Going as “Whos” this year with a couple of my friends 😉 yes we’re in college haha

  4. I was thinking that a great costume for myself would be Mother Nature. Any long dress would do and you could wear birds and flowers in your hair…

  5. Doctor who!! finally someone who knows that show besides me and my sister ima be the (11th) doctor

  6. These costumes are very creative, I applaud the fact that there’s people out there like me who don’t like the slutty costumes.
    Halloween is not “I can dress like a whore and get away with it” day! It’s sad that girls can have such little self-respect in that matter. :/ I’m a 16 year old girl and I would NEVER wear anything so exposing like the costumes I’m seeing around.

    1. yes it is..thats the point of halloween when you’re in college…you shouldn’t as a 16 year old anyway..too young!

    2. I’m not sure it should be the point of Halloween at any age. As a college student, I would never dress like that.

    3. Agreed – I’ve never been into the trashy Halloween costume scene! 😀

    4. Who cares? Do your own thing and don’t be so judgmental of others. It does not make you a better person if you don’t dress slutty.

        1. Agreed. It definitely DOES make you a better person to not put your goods on display like a street corner hooker. People need to have some class. I would be humiliated to be their mother/sister/friend/daughter.

        2. The better person in any situation is the one who treats others well, which includes unwarranted judgement. It is no ones place to judge a “street corner hooker”, and it is equally no ones place to judge someone they deem to be dressing like one

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