10 DIY Cactus Crafts

June 2, 2015 separator Cactus Crafts

10 DIY Cactus Crafts

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina Tweet This


And summer is the time of cacti, cacti, everywhere. My Southern California roots leave me predisposed to loving these guys, I think, and there’s no shortage of fun, creative ways to incorporate or display them.

Take this beautiful Painted Mudcloth Cactus Planter by Francois et Moi, for example. Such a gorgeous, earthy project! Read on for nine more of my favorite DIY cactus crafts.

10 Cactus Crafts 10

Colorful Yarn Tassel Planter by Hello Lidy

10 Cactus Crafts 9

Potted Neon Cactus Light by Shrimp Salad Circus

10 Cactus Crafts 5

Foam Cactus Cake Topper by Tell Love and Chocolate

10 Cactus Crafts 4

Embroidered Cactus Box by Delineate Your Dwelling

10 Cactus Crafts 8

Glitter Polka Dot Cactus Planter by The Crafted Life

10 Cactus Crafts 3

Cactus Macarons with Edible Flowers by Sugar and Cloth

10 Cactus Crafts 7

Gold Cactus Summer Tote by Lovely Indeed

10 Cactus Crafts 2

Painted Pebble Cactus Planters by Salt and Pepper Moms

10 Cactus Crafts 1

Felt Cactus Pincusion by Kreativ Blog


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  4. i love cacti craft at the moment. I did my own round up a couple of weeks ago while researching for a cacti themed makeover of my sons room. I will be making the neon cacti for his room for sure. Thanks

    1. I love that cactus pouf in your roundup – so perfect! If you end up making a neon cactus for your son’s room, definitely share on Instagram with #MyShrimpSaladCircus so I can see it! <3

  5. awe you are the sweetest!! Thanks for featuring my cactus cake toppers 😉 And I am pretty into this roundup…cause I want to make EVERYTHING!

    1. You’re so welcome, Sara! And yeah, I want to make it all, too. Dangerous territory here! lol

  6. Thank you so much for including me in the awesome roundup! Must make all of these projects asap!

    1. You’re welcome. Let’s all start crafting and end up with a full spectrum of cacti! 😉

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