DIY Citrus Projects + Favorite Finds No. 89

August 26, 2016 separator DIY Tutorial

DIY Citrus Projects


This week has been a beast. I know I said that last week, too, but this week I mean it for reals. I’ve had several photo shoots, lots of writing, lots to do at the office, and managed to squeeze in visits with friends. I’m exhausted but so thrilled we’ve finally made it to the weekend. I hope your Friday is wonderful and that your weekend is everything you want it to be–even if that’s nothing at all! 🙂

Read on for links to the great DIY projects featured above, plus my favorite things on the web this week. The list includes affiliate links to a few of my favorite things, so thanks for supporting me Shrimp Salad Circus and helping me keep it a free resource for everyone!

DIY Citrus Projects + My Favorites This Weeks

  1. For all your summer and fall entertaining
  2. Such a cute way to keep the kitchen organized
  3. seriously elegant statement piece for the front door
  4. Sounds delicious & always cute to bake in a can
  5. That freebie I mentioned
  6. How poufy and bright and adorable
  7. Can’t go wrong with lots of the prickly guys
  8. Can’t live without my citrusy serum
  9. Perfect idea for ornaments, too
  10. Because summer’s not over, damn it
  11. Changing my status to copper foil #allthethings
  12. For anyone with a stationary habit
  13. My latest addiction
  14. Mood lighting for your summer parties
  15. Can’t go wrong with something easy and delicious
  16. Talk about citrus, whoa!
  17. The absolute perfect finishing touch
  18. Reallllly wanting this beauty to replace my cheapy one



  1. Thanks for the share, girl. I shared your Citrus print today, too. I loooooove it.

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