DIY Marble Projects & Favorite Finds No.

July 29, 2016 separator DIY Tutorial

DIY Marble Projects


This week has been crazy busy at work and at home, and I love it. It makes the time fly by and brings the weekend more quickly. Do you like busy days at work, or would you prefer to keep everything slow and steady? Anywho, I’m getting off on a major tangent. Here are my favorite finds for the week (DIY marble projects for the win!), plus a little something new. Be sure to read all the way down to share your own!

DIY Mable Projects & My Favorite Finds

  1. Looks expensive but won’t weigh a ton
  2. To keep the time in the prettiest and simplest way
  3. Because Kindles need love, too
  4. Perfect for all those Instagram photography moments
  5. Seriously elegant with all the right details
  6. Not a DIY, but a bonus bit of marble for ya
  7. Brilliant, obviously, and would make a perfect teacher’s gift
  8. Tip of the week for anyone wanting to do this
  9. Has been making my skin super freaking bright
  10. Because you can never have too many
  11. If you were into Friends back in the day (and probably still are!)
  12. Desperately need this on our patio
  13. Have been living in their tunic sweatshirt & Ryan tank dress
  14. Just watched this a couple more times
  15. One of my fave confections, so of course a winner on ice cream
  16. Good ones to add to your listening list

Weekly Wins

I want to start rounding the week out on a really positive note so we can all go into the weekend on the right foot. Let’s celebrate our wins for the week, shall we? I’m going to list a few of mine below, and I want you to tell me your big win for the week in the comments, okay?

  • I got off crutches (from my sprained ankle) and started physical therapy. I’ll get out of the boot soon, so I’m pretty freakin’ excited!
  • I firmed up a few plans I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Ambiguous, I know, but I think putting it out into the universe in some way will help. 🙂
  • My garden is growing like crazy! Squirrels keep eating my tomatoes, but at least somebody’s getting fed, right?

You turn! Leave a comment with your biggest win for the week!


  1. Aaaand didn’t realize the first comment went through. Now you have my double appreciation!

  2. Hello Lindsay,
    Marble project, really wonder this project . So much thanks for this project .

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