DIY Stranger Things Halloween Costume for Couples – Mike and Eleven

August 30, 2016 separator DIY Tutorial

DIY Stranger Things Halloween Costume


Last week I promised another epic Stranger Things post, and today I’m here to deliver. I talked Andrei into being the Mike to my El, and since the crew cruises around small-town Indiana on their Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes, it was the perfect opportunity to show off Andrei’s own Schwinn, since I am a Schwinn Ambassador! 🙂

We had to dash out to shoot this in the super short window between a torrential downpour and dusk, and you can’t tell from the photos, but it was stiflingly hot and humid. Translation: those jackets were awesome.

If you could dress up as any character from Stranger Things, who would you be? Here are costume ideas for my own favorite Stranger Things characters!

DIY Stranger Things Halloween Costume for Couples

DIY Stranger Things Halloween Costume - Eleven El
Get the Look – Eleven from Stranger Things

While I’d absolutely love her actual dress, anything blush pink and a little above the knees will do. I’m monster-tall, so mine ended up being a bit short. The important thing is making sure to a add a Peter Pan collar. Nobody makes a buzz cut wig that I was able to find, so I ended up having to give this one a haircut.

I was super bummed after the shoot when I realized I forgot that perfect finishing touch, but overall I love how it turned out!


DIY Stranger Things Halloween Costume Idea - Mike

Get the Look – Mike from Stranger Things

For Mike, basically just channel your inner awkward tween. A rugby shirt with a white collar is really iconic of him, and he doesn’t go anywhere without his trusty backpack. Bonus points for going all-in with a calculator watch!

Hop on a bike to cruise around in style on Halloween and complete the look.

DIY Stranger Things Halloween Costume - ElevenDIY Stranger Things Halloween Costume - Mike and ElevenDIY Stranger Things Couple Halloween Costume - Eleven and MikeDIY Stranger Things Halloween Costume for CouplesDIY Stranger Things Halloween Costume Idea for CouplesDIY Stranger Things Halloween Costume Idea for Couples - Mike and Eleven

And finally, here I am, getting the giggles like a proper tween… 😉



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  11. This is awesome! Thanks for being so detailed on your costume 🙂 Is your navy blue jacket the same one from the amazon link you shared?

    1. Hey Micaela! Thank you so much! I’m 5’10”, and I’m actually wearing this dress from Amazon in large. I didn’t love it because it was really tight across the chest (but not elsewhere), so I did some searching and liked the ASOS one better but had already shot the photos. (I’m an ASOS junkie because they have tall sizes.) Hope that helps!

      1. I never expected that you would answer so fast!! Totally helpful!! Thank you so much!! Ive checked out your blog, and Im obsessed!! 🙂

    1. Hi Sofia! The dress I’m wearing for photos is this one from Amazon. I didn’t love it because it was really tight across the chest (but not elsewhere), but if you’re not super busty, it could still work!

  12. My label is making Eleven dresses for Halloween this year. All handmade. She is my favorite. I was only meant to make it for my self but I decided I will make them for everyone else haha <3

  13. This. is. EPIC!!!!! I love that you got all Halloween ready in August, and that Andrei was game too. Plus the mustache really makes it. 😉 But seriously, you two look amazing!! xoxo

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