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March 30, 2010 separator DIY Tutorial

I didn’t start doing tutorials right away, but as soon as I tried my first one, I was addicted. Trying to create a new tutorial project weekly (key word: trying) has forced me to be creative, productive, and to think outside the box.

Below, for your crafting enjoyment, is my first year of tutorials. I would love to know which project(s) you found most enjoyable/inspiring. Did you make any of them? Will you send me pictures? Please?! You can click the image to get to the full tutorial:


  1. I have marked this with a favorite. I am always trying to learn something new and your tutorials make it very hard to concentrate on just one thing. I’m always going “Ohhh, I’ve GOT to try that one.” So stop it already. (Just kidding) I would have to say that my favorites, if I had to pick just a few, would be the jewelry and the lace choker. (Currently my favorite pasttimes) Please keep rocking the tuts and I promise to comment more!

  2. I’m very tempted to try the cake tutorial! It looks so fun!!!! Now I just need to find the time to bake…

  3. Happy Birthday Shrimp!

    I haven’t tried any of the tutorials yet but I have plans to try the hammered jewelry and something using those cute fish beads.

    I’ve been looking for a hammered jewelry tutorial. Thanks for posting!

  4. wow you have such a cool blog Lindsay!! i loved it!! and it’s so nice to meet you :))

    i’m glad you stopped by and said hello.. that’s so sweet 🙂


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