How to Grow Basil from Cuttings – Buy 1 Plant, Grow 10!

June 27, 2016 separator DIY Tutorial

Learn how to grow basil from cuttings through propagation.

How to Grow Basil from Cuttings

I love cooking with fresh herbs, but I hate how they charge like $4 for one of those tiny plastic containers at the grocery store.

Fortunately, you can spend the same amount of money on a live plant that will give you fresh herbs all season long! I’ve used this technique for years, and now that we have a yard to plant #alltheplants, I thought it was high time to share my personal tips with you.

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Buy 1 Basil Plant, Grow 10 Free!

It probably sounds too good to be true; or you might think you need a green thumb; but I swear anybody can do this!

I’ve seen a few different tutorials or advice posts for propagating herbs this way, but if you want to know how to grow basil from cuttings without getting too technical, read on for the easy way I do it — without any unnecessary steps!


How to Grow Basil from CuttingsHow to Grow Basil From Cuttings - Step 1

Instructions for How to Grow Basil from Cuttings

1.   Start with a big, bushy basil plant. Get one straight from the store — no need to nurture it ahead of time!

2.   Snip a cutting a few inches below its top set of leaves, above a lower set of leaves.

Tip: Cut at an angle. This gives the cutting more surface area to take in water later.

How to Grow Basil From Cuttings - Step 2

3.   If you have an extra set of leaves in the middle of your cutting, pinch (or snip) them off. Yout want a good few inches of bare stem.

How to Grow Basil From Cuttings - Step 3

4.   Place your newly-naked stem into a jar, glass, or vase.

Tip: Use a clear container (rather than something opaque like a coffee mug or can) so you can see when the roots begin to grow or when it’s time to change the water.

How to Grow Basil From Cuttings - Step 4

5.   Once you’ve clipped and prepared all your cuttings and stuck them in a container, fill it up with water.

6.   Place your basil babies near a natural light source, but don’t leave them in direct, strong sunlight, or they can scorch and die.

How to Grow Basil From Cuttings - Step 5

7.   Change the water daily (or when it becomes cloudy or stinky) by pouring it out and adding new room-temperature water.

After approximately a week, you’ll start to see tiny white, hair-like roots sneaking out from the stem. As you can see in the photo above, they’ll grow out of anywhere along the stem given the opportunity, just like these guys!

8.   Once the roots have gotten thicker and a little more sturdy, you can plant the basil in a pot or directly into the ground!


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    1. I definitely used to have the same problem, and I still struggle with tropical plants. Best of luck!!

  4. Totally doing this!!! How many days did it take your cuttings to sprout new roots?

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