DIY Calligraphy Christmas Ornament with Free Image Transfer

December 10, 2015 separator DIY Tutorial

DIY Calligraphy Christmas Ornament with Free Printable Image Transfer Download


Have you been keeping up with The Holiday Collective since we kicked things off in November?! In case you haven’t, it’s the happiest place on the web, where 24 of my internet nearest and dearest and I have gotten together to share tons of holiday tutorials, printables, roundups, and giveaways! I’ve been blown away by everything my girls have been creating, and today it’s my turn!

For my THC post, I wanted to do something understated and timeless that I think will appeal to just about everybody. Since I love love lettering, I’ve created a DIY calligraphy Christmas ornament that anybody can make.

No, really: Even if you can barely scrawl your own signature, you can make this!

DIY Calligraphy Christmas Ornament with Free Printable Image Transfer

DIY Calligraphy Christmas Ornament

Pop over to The Holiday Collective to get the full tutorial and download your free image transfer calligraphy art. If you make these, be sure to share on Instagram with #ShrimpSaladCircus and #TheHolidayCollective!

A few tips before you get started:

  • Make sure to print on an inkjet printer or have it printed at a copy shop. Laser printing won’t transfer.
  • You can transfer onto a glossy, glazed ornament, but you’ll get a much crisper, cleaner transfer on a bisque (unglazed) ornament.
  • Feel free to paint over with a shimmer or any transparent paint, like a watercolor wash, if you want something a little more exciting than the clear coat!

DIY Image Transfer Christmas Ornaments - Step 1 DIY Image Transfer Christmas Ornaments - Step 5DIY Calligraphy Christmas Ornament with Free Printable Image Transfer Download


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