6 Easy Tips – How to Organize a New Hobby

January 4, 2016 separator DIY Tutorial

Happy New Year, readers! I hope your holidays were relaxing, rejuvenating, and lots of fun! Did you get any sort of supplies for a new hobby as a gift? Photography? Calligraphy? Knitting?

Today I’m going to share a few tips for organizing your latest hobby so that you are able to squeeze in some practice time here and there without feeling like you’re hauling out a 3,000-piece puzzle. The hobby I’m focusing on in the pictures is calligraphy (my longtime love!), but these tips apply to pretty much everything. For more organization ideas, you can check out what my fellow Michaels Makers have put together for the January challenge!

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Tip 1. Carve out a creative nook, even if it’s tiny.

Make sure you have a designated creative zone so that you can pick up and get started whenever you have a free moment and some inspiration. Coordinating colors, shapes, etc. can help tie everything together visually. Here, I’ve used some spray-painted vintage metal boxes, this dry-erase art/planner, and a few pieces from Michaels’ new line of storage and organization product called Cre8ted Spaces. The collection comes in four coordinating colors with more than 300 different items!

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Tip 2. Use storage that doubles as decor so that it’s pretty enough to keep out all the time.

If you don’t have the space to pack everything away each time, use vessels, containers, and boxes that do double duty. Here I’ve repurposed vintage glass chemical jars to hold my cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol for quick calligraphy cleanups, and this jar of ink (from the Belle Calligraphy Kit) is too beautiful to hide away!

How to Organize a New Hobby 9

Tip 3. Use every available area to maximize storage in a small space.

Don’t forget about uncommon areas or under-utilized spots, like on the wall, where a small shelf or even a picture ledge can hold items. Here, I’ve added a few magnetic canisters (from the Cre8ted Spaces collection at Michaels) to a leg of my desk.

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Tip 4. Label everything for easy identification later.

Don’t assume you’ll remember where everything is (or even what everything is!) a few weeks or months from now. Use baggies, boxes, jars, bottles, and other appropriately-sized containers to keep different parts and supplies separate. Here, I added a little strip of pretty washi tape to the colorful tops of these little jars (from the Cre8ted Spaces collection at Michaels) and labeled the calligraphy nibs contained in each.

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Tip 5. Set goals, and write them down!

There’s power in writing down your goals AND how you plan to accomplish them. Use whatever method works best for you. Consider a paper daily/weekly/monthly planner, memos and notes in your phone, good old sticky notes on the wall, or something that doubles as art, like this free dry-erase wall planner. Celebrate your progress, and update your goals as necessary.

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Tip 6. Have a place for everything.

Have a designated container or spot for all your key supplies, or you’ll end up suffering from the dreaded “junk drawer” effect. You know what I’m talking about…

Here, my calligraphy inks are in a little stand (from the Belle Calligraphy Kit) that keeps them organized and prevents them from tipping and spilling onto my clean white desk. My pencils, lettering brushes, pen holders, and regular pens are separated in this little four-compartment teal box (from the Cre8ted Spaces collection at Michaels) that’s pretty enough to leave out all the time.

How to Organize a New Hobby 2

Tell me: what are the tips and tricks that keep YOU organized?

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  1. These are some great ideas! I still can’t get over that gorgeous printable you created. And, I love those teeny tiny jars!

  2. This is awesome! Just what I needed today!! I’ve been trying to keep hobbies separate by using photo boxes! =)

    1. I’m so glad it’s inspired you, Melanie! I love those photo boxes, too — perfect for keeping everything neat!

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