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November 12, 2014 separator Sewing

Sewing Gift Ideas

The 2014 holiday shopping season continues with my next gift guide. Despite having wall-to-wall shelving filled with craft supplies, I evidently don’t feel like I have enough… I have an Amazon wishlist a mile long, and I find that I’m constantly adding things to it. I took one sewing class and then went on a rampage, adding things like, ohhh, a digital embroidery machine. Because now that I can sew a zipper, surely I need an embroidery machine, right? Yeah, not so much… I have a sewing machine tote (though not as cute as the one in the picture up there) and a much older version of that sewing machine from the picture. I have these books and most of the basic tools for sewing projects I’m in any position to tackle, so I can’t really justify going on any shopping sprees.

Since I obviously love a good digital window-shopping spree, I figured I’d share my crafty research with you guys in a series of holiday gift guides for crafters and hobbyists. These lists will include items I own and love as well as lots of things I covet. They’re all highly-rated, and I’ve made sure to cover a range of price points to fit every budget. The guides contain affiliate links, primarily through Amazon, to help me pay for all the expenses associated with running this blog, so thank you in advance if you choose to get inspired for your gifting! Let’s start off with: What to Get Someone who Loves to Sew!

If you’re a sewing enthusiast and don’t see your favorite must-have on the list or have other sewing gift ideas, let me know in the comments! Like I said, I’m an amateur! 🙂

Sewing Gift Ideas Under $25

Sewing Gift Ideas Under $50

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