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December 21, 2011 separator etsy

 via ouma
I love a good dress, and these are about as good as it gets! Etsy has so much to offer (though I hate how many I have to pass over because the photos aren’t high enough quality…), and I’m dying over some of these gorgeous party frocks! I’m thinking that these would be wonderful options for your New Year’s Eve parties!

Also, can we just talk about how stunning the model below is? Those lips!!!

via Morua

What are you planning to wear for New Year’s Eve? What are you planning to do – big party or low-key night at home?


  1. Micco – Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I totally get where you’re coming from. It can be frustrating to be inundated with waif-like figures across retail and media. However, as somebody who is naturally pretty thin, some of these women are “regular-size” for me.

    I think that what needs to happen is a that we find a way as a society to strike a good balance of figures spanning all sizes.

    These women/girls are definitely thin, but I don’t think that I would do a double-take at any of them, as I don’t see rib cages protruding across their upper chests or jagged elbows jutting from emaciated arms.

    Had any of these women fit that description, then rest assured that I would never have considered featuring them.

    Thank you so much for your opinion and for sharing your values and what you look for in a model! 😀

    – Lindsay

  2. Lindsay,
    Sorry but I can’t support any one who uses pencil-thin models in their ads. I want to see what the dress will look like on a regular-size woman, not some waif whose elbows are pointy enough to be declared lethal weapons!

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