DIY Patent Neon Ballet Flats Shoes – How To-sday

March 19, 2012 separator DIY Tutorial

Remember my neon shirt tutorial? Well, here are the shoes that I wore in that same shoot. I just took a really junky pair of shoes that were scuffed up and destined for the trash bin and turned them into a very on-trend accessory. You might actually recognize the shoes from this rehab post ages back. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of these cheapies!

DIY Patent Neon Ballet Flats Shoes

1.   Tape off the toes of your shoes. Your paint will end up everywhere that’s not taped on that end. You can tape straight across or curve with the end of the shoe a bit – totally up to personal preference. 
3.   Paint your first layer of neon acrylic paint. Be sure to really work the paint into the surface of the shoes with your brush – don’t be skimpy! Let it dry. Completely!
4.   Add another coat. Let it dry some more. Seriously!
5.   Add a third coat. This seems tedious, but it’s what you have to do to get a true color on your finished project. Let it dry again. All the way, until it’s not shiny anymore. 
6.   Brush on a really nice, heavy layer of Mod Podge. This seals the acrylic paint, and it protects it a bit from the elements. It’s going to take forever to dry. Let it dry anyway. 
7.   Take your dried shoes outside, and spray a nice, even coat of your high-gloss clear enamel spray paint onto the toes. This is really important to seal in the Mod Podge to keep it from being tacky and to give the toes a really high-shine, patent finish. 
8.   Peel off the tape carefully. Voila. Your crappy old destined-for-the-thrift-store shoes are now the springiest item in your wardrobe!



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  2. You’ve just given me a wonderful idea! My daughter has some fancy-schmancy hello kitty glittery shoes that are desperately in need of a full frontal curative. Hello glitter, tape, and glue!

    Megan K.

  3. absolutely love this project! 🙂 thanks for sharing! love your blog <3

  4. I liked the ballet shoes but I LOVE this look even more! Great makeover…but my neon would absolutely have to be pink!

  5. Have absolutely been thinking about making these! Thanks for sharing your steps.


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