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February 14, 2011 separator Fashion

Hullo friends! Here’s my not-remotely-related-to-Vee-Day post! A friend sent me a link to a cool nail art tutorial the other day. I just had to try it last night, and I love the results. It took me a bit of practice and isn’t as sharp as it could be, but I love the look of it!!!

full tutorial here [in French – sorry]


  1. Ha ha cool – I just tried this last night too, although I haven’t blogged about it yet! I like how you used different sizes of text in yours. I also found that I had to literally press on the newspaper to get it darker – I rubbed on the paper without shifting it about a dozen times to get it as dark as I could, and probably could have done it more, which it doesn’t mention on the tutorial. It took me practice too… the text gets sharper and darker from one pinky to the other lol! Looks great though!

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