10 Free Beginner Sewing Tutorials

May 7, 2015 separator DIY Tutorial

10 Free Beginner Sewing Tutorials


I’ve gotten really addicted to sewing lately, and with summer starting to finally feel like a real possibility, I want to make all the beachy things! For more beginners sewing tutorials and roundups, you can check out my Sewing 101 series, this post, or this one. Browse around for some of the cutest summery sewing projects and practical everyday sewing solutions. These may vary a little bit in level of difficulty, but they’re all appropriate for a beginner.

10 Free Beginner Sewing Tutorials & Patterns

Beginner Sewing Tutorials 3

Pompom Swimsuit Coverup

DIY Anthropologie Tasseled Jacare Pillow

Exotic Fabric Tassel Pillow

Beginner Sewing Tutorials

Bowtie Tee



  1. Start with a tutorial that pizza tower introduces you to your sewing machine, its parts, and how to thread it. Understanding your machine is essential for successful sewing.

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