DIY Pom Pom Crafts + Favorite Finds No. 90

September 23, 2016 separator DIY Tutorial



I’ve been falling down on the job with these Friday roundups the last couple weeks, but never fear. I’m back and better than ever. This week I’m sharing my favorite DIY pom pom crafts and all sorts of random chaos that I just can’t seem to get enough of. There are affiliate links for junk I just bought, so thanks for supporting my habits and helping me keep SSC running for free and fabulous!

What’s News This Week: I’m headed to the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemakers conference next week, and I’m also kicking off a massive, super exciting partnership and project for the new house. Want to be the first to see what’s happening, weeks before it hits the blog? Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I have a fun giveaway coming up, too!

DIY Pom Pom Crafts + Other Internet Magic

  1. The happiest bag ever, and fall can take a hike if it disagrees
  2. To greet your houseguests on the right foot 😉
  3. And even do the dip-dyeing yourself if you feel so inclined
  4. The perfect finishing touch for a pretty basket or box
  5. Cozy squishy soft goodness for sweet little baby feet
  6. Big fat fuzzy accents for your everyday goods
  7. Something you absolutely must make if you have a person this small
  8. The sort of thing I could probably live in
  9. Way better & more creative than paying designer prices
  10. The most popular thing this week (after this, of course)
  11. In case you’re expecting—absolutely essential
  12. How I feel about #PSL and the current change of things
  13. Been waiting so long for this one
  14. Just ordered these and these and can’t wait for them to get here
  15. Because I heart you guys & want you to have nice things
  16. Starting to think my obsession might be taking over


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  2. Yay for pom poms! I love all these squishy, fluffy tutorials! Thanks for including mine, Lindsay 🙂

    1. You’re so welcome, Jess. You’re absolutely prolific, so it was hard to pick something!!! <3

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