10 DIY Summer Party Decorations & Projects

May 21, 2015 separator DIY Tutorial

DIY Summer Party Decorations

Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. I’ll happily trade “hot and sweaty” for “so bundled I can’t find my own neck.” It’s such a wonderful season for gatherings and celebrations, isn’t it?!

Summer get-togethers call for decor and handmade touches inspired by sunny days, like this adorable Handmade Charlotte tutorial for mini beach bungalow giftwrap.

Frosted Glass French Press Tutorial

Treat guests to a pretty coffee service the morning after a celebration.

Grilled Pizza Recipe 20911

Bring the party outdoors with pizza cooked right on the grill.


Brew up a custom beer for guests to enjoy.

Taxidermy Pinata Tutorial by Shrimp Salad Circus

Surprise guests with unexpected piñata decor.

Fruit and Herb Pairing 0821

Freshen up summer drinks with fruit & herb ice cube pairings.

Lighted Marquee Letter Tutorial

Capture attention with a vintage-style lighted marquee sign.


Mason jar fruit sun teas do all the work for you and double as pretty decor.


Stock bathrooms with tiny soap charms for an elegant element.


Light up some tissue cherry blossoms as a centerpiece.

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  1. Those cherry blossom lights are so lovely for spring and summer! I’ve stocked up on all my party props at Dazzle Fizz, having 3 kids means you have to be prepared for a party at all times haha.

  2. Nice ! These are wonderful party decoration we can do it at home, also we need to decorate yourself in party, like hands and body patters etc? Do you have any post on those ?

  3. I am fond of making things with hand, or you can say hand make things, other day my brother had a birthday and I made handmade card for him, today I found this blog and I will must try all of DIY … Thanks for awesome share.

  4. All these DIY summer party decoration idea are really cute and Mason jar fruit sun teas seem very good.

  5. These are really cute ideas for a summer get together. And I like that most of these can be done for outdoor celebration as well as indoor, just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Haha! The pinata on the wall is so hilarious! My wife’s family has a big moose head mounted on their wall. This would be a funny spoof of that. I think I’ll show her. Thanks!

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