7 DIY Halloween Costumes for Geeks

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Super Mario Brothers Group Halloween Costume

Super Mario Brothers by Diary of a Crafty Lady

I love Halloween. How fun is it to dress up as something completely ridiculous (or adorable, scary, whatever…) and just goof off for a night? And if you have kids to torture dress up, you get to have even more fun! I mean, look at that tiny little star from the Super Mario Brothers up there or the super enthusiastic mini R2-D2 down here. These seven DIY Halloween costumes for geeks should give you some inspiration if you need a last-minute idea for Halloween. Most of these could be put together in a hurry, but even for the more elaborate ones, you still have plenty of time to get crafty!

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DIY Halloween Costumes for Geeks

The Tardis by Topless Robot

DIY Baby R2D2 Halloween Costume

R2-D2 by Bit Rebels

DIY Treasure Troll Halloween Costume

Treasure Troll by Brit & Co

DIY The Sims Halloween Costume

The Sims Plumbob by The Twins Owning It

DIY Lego Halloween Costume

Lego Minifig and Lego Block by wikiHow

DIY 404 Error Halloween Costume

Error 404 by Cristina Marie

DIY Frodo Baggins Halloween Costume

Frodo Baggins by Max Fischer

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